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Q: What is included with your Booth?

A: The Photo Party Station comes fully equipped with:

  • Professional DSLR Camera
  • 19.5" Touchscreen computer  (Intel Core i7-4790k 4.0 GHZ + 4GB RAM + 120 GB SSD)
  • Ring Flash
  • Wireless Mouse and Keyboard
  • Additional USB Hub
  • 2 iPad Arms
  • USB Extension
  • Baby Pin Connector
  • Pole
  • Base
  • Power cable

Q: Is the Photo Party Station self-operated or does it need an attendant?

A: The Photo Party Station can be self-operated by the guests or you can choose to have an attendant manage the photos.

Q: What can you do with the finished pictures?

A: All pictures and videos can be uploaded to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Text or Email via Photo Party Upload. Photo Party Upload also allows photos to be uploaded to micro sites, capture email address, give surveys, add Facebook "Like" Buttons, and watermark photos and videos. You can also use the USB extension, provided with the Photo Party Station, to connect any windows printer (printers are not included in your purchase).

Q:  What can be customized with social media uploading in Photo Party Upload?

A: With Photo Party Upload, you can choose to upload to Facebook , Instagram, Twitter, Text and Email. You can also gather "Like's" on your Facebook fan page, watermark photos and videos, give surveys, capture email addresses, create private micro sites for each user, and add promotional videos to each video upload.

EMAIL: Customize the subject line, the from address, and the body of the email.

FACEBOOK: Name the facebook album and wall message for each upload.

TWITTER: Create your own message and hashtag for each tweeted photo or video.

Q: Can the Photo Party Station make videos?

A: Yes. You can pre-load a video question for guests to reply to or insert text question that prompt the guests as well. All videos can attach a custom promotional video that will play before each video upload on Facebook, Twitter, or Email. Can also be used with Green Screen Video and Slow Motion Video.

Q: Do you need to have a green screen to use the Photo Party Station?

A: No. The Photo Party Station can be used in front of any setup. However, to utilize our advanced green screen technology that allows unimited backgrounds and overlays to be chosen, you must use a green screen back drop.

Q: Can you do photo filter effects with the Photo Party Station? 

A: Yes. You can enable photo filters to be automatically applied to every photo or you can allow the guest to select a photo filter on their own.

Q: Can you upload to Instagram?

A: YES! The Photo Party Station can upload directly to personal Instagram account profiles, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

Q: Can the Photo Party Station do data collection from users?

A: Yes. Photo Party Station integrates with Photo Party Upload, and you can enable data capture so that every time a guest uploads a photo, they are required to enter their email address. You can also enable Facebook "Like" buttons, watermarking, upload all photos to Facebook Fan Pages, and even give surveys with Photo Party Upload.

Q: Is the Photo Party Station portable? What are the dimensions of the booth?

A: The Photo Party Station is portable and dismantles into 4 pieces. These pieces can fit in the back seat of any sedan. The booth is 66 inches tall, fully assembled, and occupies 1 square foot of floor space.

Q: Where is the Photo Party Station made?

A: The Photo Party Station is manufactured in Los Angeles, California.

Q:Is the Photo Party Station under warranty?

A: There is a manufacturer's guarantee on all parts.

Q: Who do I call for technical support or equipment malfunction?

A: You can reach our technical support team at or Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm PST at 310-817-0998.

Q: What maintenance is necessary for the Photo Party Station?

A: No maintenance is needed.

Q: Does the Photo Booth Upload software update? Does it cost money for updates?

A: Your software will update automatically whenever we create a new feature at no cost to you.

Q: How can I see the Photo Party Station in action before purchasing? 

A; We offer online demonstrations using screen sharing software. You can also see videos on the support page.

Q: Can the Photo Party Station be branded or customized for our business?

A: The Photo Party Station can easily have a vinyl wrap adhered to the body. You can also design stretch fabric to cover the pole and base plate.

Q: Can The Photo Party Station be shipped internationally?

A: Yes. We work with international couriers.

Q: What is the turn around time on the Photo Party Station?

A: The Photo Party Station can vary between several days to 6 weeks to arrive depending on our inventory. Call our office line for more information: 310-817-0998.

Q: How do I setup Photo Party Upload on my Photo Party Station?

A: You can see a full list of setup instructions by clicking here.